Raise Your Thoughts

Roscoe's initials give him his nickname RAK. To his family he is known as a RAKster, one who automatically performs random acts of kindness. His friend Andrew asks what his own initials, AJH, could stand for. Rak's answer is "always just help", which would make him a RAKster. Andrew announces that he wants to be a PAKster. Roscoe argues that there is no such thing. But when they PLAN an act of kindness, Andrew gains some ground.

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My Books ... all of my books carry the theme of acts of kindness. (Read to, or with, ages 5-10)


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Roland Faissett is a child dealing with childhood leukemia. Like too many children, he has learned to "roll and face it" (as reflected in his name) through the treatments of his illness. He enters the Wee Ville Elementary School wearing a wizard's hat and robe, and carries a crystal ball. What he sees in his crystal ball gives him hope, and courage to move forward. His new friends see nothing in the ball. "You must believe", he tells them.

Roscoe's initials are R.A.K.. His nana says they stand for  "Random Acts of  Kindness" because he is always helpful. Whenever he performs a RAK, she calls him a RAKster. She says anyone can be a RAKster, even you. Just do something nice for someone. It's easy. Try it.

https://authorhouse.com/bookstore ISBN 978-1-4520-9235-5 or Clark, Janice   ($10.40)

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