Welcome to Raise Your Thoughts. I find life to be good, but I know that all of us  have times when we need to take a deep breath and  bring freshness to our Gratitude Center - the heart

The Johnny Mercer song You've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, hang on to the affirmative, and don't mess with Mr.  In-Between might seem simplistic, but ain't it the darn truth?

Okay, so you've never heard of it. Check it out on You Tube. Give it a hum. It will stick with you and be a good reminder to smile.

Raise Your Thoughts


My name is Janice Clark. I am a retired elementary school teacher, residing in Brockton, Massachusetts. I have been enjoying my hobby of writing for and about children for many years.  Even in retirement, I just can't cut loose my desire to point out how special children are with stories that give praise, or broaden awareness.

I am excited that my new book, Roland Faissett and the Wizards of Wee Ville,  is now available.  Get more information on my News Items page. 

To answer a question from one of my other books, "Aren't kids wonderful?", this book responds with  a hearty YES. It is a read-to for ages 5-6, and a nice read-with or read-alone book for children ages 7 and up.