It may seem too simple, but isn't life really all about attitude and gratitude?

                   Treating others as you would like to be treated?

                Focusing on what you DO have, as opposed to what you don't have? 

If you are feeling dissatisfied with portions of your life, then you have not found the right formula yet. Don't give up. 

If the path you have been following isn't working, it is in your best interest to try a new approach.

Are you in? Try these two simple actions to get started:

                   1. Start a Gratitude Journal. Write down something you are grateful for before going to bed. It will help you review your day and pull out something positive, even though you might have had a "bad" day. Then, when you  fall asleep,  your mind will be processing something positive, instead of negative. You will be amazed at how many things you will begin to jot down. And you will be amazed at how quickly things start to improve for you, including sleeping better. Try it for a few weeks.

                  2. Help someone. It doesn't matter how you help someone, just do it.  It does not necessarily mean spending money. It means spending a little time in some way. Helping others takes the focus off your own troubles and makes them seem less problematic. Do something for someone at least once a week to begin. It easily becomes a way of life when you realize that you make a difference in this world.

May these two suggestions open the door to more Joy in your life.




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